Alex Chacón - The Importance of Believing in your Dreams

November 16, 2018

Alex Chacón - The Importance of Believing in your Dreams

Alex Chacón is the #1 and most followed Motorcycle Adventure Rider on all Social Media combined. He has been interviewed by CNN, CBS, CNBC, Huffington Post and many more.

He already wrote articles for Time Magazine, Lonely Planet, Travel Channel, Mashable and his videos have been featured by Go Pro. He frequently collaborate in campaigns for major brands and partners like, Kawasaki, GoPro, Android, Alpinestars, Sena Bluetooth, Harley-Davidson, SW-Motech among many others.

Motorcycle Adventurers interviewed him to discover a bit more about his passion for adventure riding, how he become a Social Media Rockstar and we end it up discovering the funny and odd thing that he always carry with him. You will be surprised! 

1 “My name Alex Chacón, I"m a University of Texas Graduate and medical student who sold all his belongings after graduating college to travel around the world on a motorcycle across 200,000+ Km, 50+ Countries, 80+ borders and 5 continents to work directly with and raise awareness for charitable causes. I am a Motorcycle Adventure Rider.”

This is the way your present yourself. Why did your make the decision of selling all your stuff and travel round the world?  How hard was it?

The first choice I made in travelling the world was first finishing college and get an education and then going off to see who else and what else existed around the world which I've never been exposed. It was incredibly difficult to begin because what I wanted to do was very uncommon and seemed to be very dangerous for my friends and my family. I had a lot of backlash and difficulties having people accept what I was about to do. The hardest obstacles were my friends and my own family.

2 You’re kind of the Social Media Rockstar of Motorcycle Adventure Riding. How important is Social Media nowadays to make this dream of travelling around the world a reality?

Social Media has now provided a wonderful time in human history where your passion and yours dreams can become your jobs and your reality. Without Social Media I wouldn't be here today and I think the lesson to take back from here is that It doesn't matter what you want to do in the world, social media ... Youtube, Instagram,  Facebook now give you the platform to do that. It's very important nowadays because that's how people communicate ideas and messages so you need to live on the internet to succeed in these ways.

3 What's the weirdest thing that happen to you while on an adventure?

It's more about the profound and crazy experiences. I would say that running into a village in Peru that haven't seen a foreigner in six generations was very odd. Also running into the same travelers in North America and also in South America  6 months apart from meeting each other the first time. Those are very odd coincidences that are very strange that make your think about destiny and about life.

4 And the most amazing one?

Definitely the experiences again! Probably driving across the world's largest salt flat called Uyuni, in Bolivia during the wet season. It creates the world's largest mirror and it's an out-of-body experience that is just absolutely epic.  The Aurora Borealis in Alaska, also amazing... the world's largest waterfalls in Brazil, the Holi Festival in India, driving the entire coast of Australia...also epic...and The Wave in Arizona. These are all beautiful sites.

 5 Your first motorcycle was...?

My first motorcycle was a Suzuki Katana 600. It was a street bike. A 1995 motorcycle. I actually had that motorcycle when I was only 15 years old which in the city of Texas in United States you can actually legally drive alone at the age of 15.

6 Your present motorcycle is...?

Any bike I can get my hands on! It can be a Royal Enfield Himalayan in India, my Kawasaki KLR 650 here in the States and in Latin America, a KTM 990 in the Middle East, a BMW 1200 GSA in Europe of even a Honda scooter in Morocco in North Africa. It doesn't matter about the bike for me. There's not one motorcycle I currently ride all the time. It's just what I have available to me.

7 The most amazing countries to go on an adventure are? (Give a Top 5 based on your adventures)

Probably New Zealand. It's an amazing place. The middle part of South America which is Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Also the road up to Alaska and the road to Ladakh in India  (check vídeo here)...great roads.

8 “What is the book (or books) you’ve given most as a gift, and why? Or what are one to three books that have greatly influenced your life?”

To be very honest I don't like reading books about adventure or about other adventures from other people's lives because I like to create my own. I've never gifted a book or read any significant profound books because I want my adventure to be my own. I kind of have been writting my own book in the forms of videos and blogging in the last 7 years. Maybe in the future I give away my book for people.

9 “What purchase of $100 or less has most positively impacted your life as a motorcycle adventurer in the last six months (or in recent memory)? My readers love specifics like brand and model, where you found it, etc.”

It's a hard question because sometimes I don't pay for some of my gear because it's sponsored. But I would probably say my Bluetooth on my headset . It's wonderful for music and communicating, allowing you to work and talk while on the road.

10 “What is an unusual habit or an absurd thing that you love to do while riding your bike?”

I don't have any absurd habits but what is odd about how I travel is that I always have a bottle of Ketchup around because (laughing)  I love quality ketchup and around the world there isn't good ketchup in many parts. So, I always take that with me to restaurants or wherever I'm heading to. One of the luxury items I always carry with me, which is a bit extravagant, is an electric toothbrush because I like my teeth to be as clean and nice as possible. Those are the two funny and absurd things I carry along my travels.

11 “In the last five years, what new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved your life as a motorcycle adventurer?”

Nothing in the last five years has really changed me profoundly in new beliefs, behavior or habits as an adventure rider because the entire philosophy and feeling and motivation to be an adventure rider was already developed long ago before I start travelling. So, I think my mentality and my liking and wanting to travel on this way for many, many years ago is the thing that sustain me and that has been the most successful aspect in what I do.

12 Can you give an advice to all the motorcycle adventurers out there that love adventure on 2 wheels?

Do what's the most comfortable for you. Have an adventure for a day, have an adventure for a week or have an adventure for a year or a lifetime. It doesn't matter where you go or what you do as long as you're out there making your soul and spirit happy, contributing to your overall well-being.  You don't have to go on a trip around the world, you can just be on your backyard on the weekend and I think you're already way ahead of most people in this world.

More info about Alex Chácon work visit 

(We would like to thank Alex for the kindless of accepting this interview and for the inspiring words, images and videos that make us all dream a little bit more awake every day. Thank you.)

One of Alex's most successful viral videos (EPIC) : 


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