Look Around The Globe (for adventure and happiness) interview !

January 13, 2019

Look Around The Globe (for adventure and happiness) interview !

Since the beginning of Motorcycle Adventurers that we wanted to interview Marta and Łukasz aka Look Around The Globe. They are one of the most inspiring projects in the Adventure Riding scene and really great people. With more than 18.000 followers on Instagram, it's easy to know why people follow their stories. They breathe freedom - the Polish couple have travelled in 77 countries and 5 continents. In 2019 they will add more to the list. 

- Age / Name 

Hi! Nice to meet you guys. We are a couple riding together and looking around the Globe - Marta and Lucas. Lucas is 32 and Marta is 34.

- Describe your project to the world: 

First it wasn’t a big project. We were travelling around Europe only during our vacations and holidays from work or longer weekends. When we were riding Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan, 7 countries away from Poland and almost 15000 km in 21 days we realized that if we want to see the world, more time is needed. Otherwise we will lose something really important during travelling, the culture, climate, people around us and much more, the world’s spirit.

We created the project in the end of 2016: from Argentina to Alaska. The plan was for 40 000 km, but we end it up doing 60 000 km during 8 months. And now we regret that there were many places left - so we need to come back there one day! 

- There are many couples who ride together. What is the most difficult part of travelling as a couple? 

It’s hard to say if travelling as a couple is super difficult or rather nice. Depends on the day, but for sure there are more positive aspects of travelling together. But as you are asking about difficulties - that part could be more interesting.😂

In the start, we didn’t ride on one bike. We were riding in two. But since Marta decided to be a resident pillion, we decided to travel on one bike and changing places sometimes - the private zone (the zone for your own) seems to be smaller and smaller and that means some misunderstanding are closer😉 Journeys like that prepares you to forgive many vices and habits of your partner, but that takes time to understand it. 

It happens -  after a few days together you are saying something what you didn’t want to say. 24 hours/ 7 days could make you tired of the person, but just for a while. 

Sitting on one bike - she wants to stop and the pilot decides to ride, or it’s the opposite - both situations - you are dependent on each other. First you start screaming, then you use some vulgarities, then you just switched off our Sena intercom... But after a few minutes you decide to switch them on to talk and explain everything, because there is no sense to argue.

Travelling as a couple teach you to have patience, being calm and also respect yourself and your partner. 

- Couples who ride together, stay together. That's a very common phrase. What can you say about that? 

That is not for sure, no rules - like everything. As we mencioned above - when riding far away from home there is a goal, a task to do. You are focused on things to survive - riding, your safety, eating, place to sleep, petrol and so on. It’s a life but in different conditions. That is not a normal, common life. 

You learn how to survive together, but coming back home the reality is different. It's always advisable to take care about the relationship, especially when you come back from a long long journey. 

- What's the weirdest thing that has happened to you while on an adventure?

Hard to say. Everyday the travel surprises us. 

- And the most amazing one?

There were so many amazing ones! It's hard to describe only one. I think the most amazing one are the people we meet on the road. They made the real adventure. We meet them, spend some time together, we discover the area, tell stories about our life, share opinions, we learn from each other. After few days we need to say goodbye, but the friendship is so strong that it lasts forever. 

People are the most important thing on the road - we wish you all only good people on your roads. 

- Your first motorcycle was...?

For Lucas it was a Simson S51 when he was 8 years old. He still have it. Every year he plans to reactivate it. And for sure he will do it, when we’ll come back home and stay more time after riding around the world again.

For Marta it was Suzuki GS500, the perfect bike as the first one to learn riding. 

- Your present motorcycle is...?

We are now riding BMW F800 GS with Touratech lower suspension, because Lucas has 166 cm high. 

- Wheelies: yes or no?

Not with that luggage. We don’t like it. 

- The most amazing countries to go to on an adventure are? (Give a Top 5 based on your adventures)

            1          Peru - the paradise for bikers, you have all climate zones there, 1000 curves and high Andes

            2          Tajikistan - mountains, the Silk Road, M41 Highway

            3          Alaska - nothing, nobody, just you, tundra and your bike

            4          South Africa - they also have everything what you need to have a wonderful adventure. 

            5          Congo - beautiful landscapes. 

- What is the book (or books) you’ve given most as a gift, and why? Or what are one to three books that have greatly influenced your life?”

Everytime we go for a long trip we put some books on Kindle. And then there is not so much time to read it, because riding as we do it is a hard piece of work. 

When you start reading a book, you fall asleep after a few pages. 

But there is one book we would like to recommend - „The Art of War” written by Sun Tzu (Zi). That one makes us stronger and more confident every time we start reading a few sentences. Check it out.

- What purchase of $100 or less has most positively impacted your life as a motorcycle adventurer in the last six months (or in recent memory)?

After travelling Africa we can say one thing - talking about money and any amounts is useless after seeing the life here. Sorry, we but don’t know how to answer that question. Forgive us.

- What is an unusual habit or an absurd thing that you love to do while riding your motorcycle?

Is sleeping, eating, drinking or writing SMS an absurd thing? 

Sometimes it happens, but better not to talk about that. For a pillion it’s okay, maybe except sleeping. 

Lucas loves dancing when we are listening music with our intercoms. Normally he doesn’t dance, but believe me - I’m scared when he is not holding his handlebar and dancing for more than 15 seconds. So frustrating!

- In the last five years, what new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved your life as a motorcycle adventurer?

Be happy with what you have and discover more.  98% of people are good, so just try not to keep that 2% next to you. Try not to be in a wrong place at the wrong time. We believe that good people attract good people - that makes the journey easier. Plan and organize. Start the adventure - even a small one. Don’t look for excuses. Prepare yourself but let sometimes the trip turn into an adventure. 

- Can you give any advice to all the motorcycle adventurers out there that love adventure on 2 wheels?

Some of them are above. 

Think positive about the road - don't think how difficult it is, because everything is in your mind. 

Never ride in dark and always hide before the sun goes down. 

When you visit a place - respect rules (in a country), you are a guest here but on their rules. 

Make sure your stuff are made with good quality. On the road things like to be broken (charging cables especially). Better to have a good one that looking for another one somewhere.

- And for those who travel as a couple...?

Don’t argue too much – you waste time.

Live and share every moment, because there is no better option to discover the world with a person you like or love. 

- What can we expect from Look Around the Globe in 2019?

The next trip of course. We are addicted to travel. 

We are coming back from Africa now. Then in about 2-3 months we want to be in Poland preparing everything for our 80000 km trip around Asia and Australia. Australia will be our 6th continent riding a bike. 

We start about May or June 2019. 

Stay tuned! 

We would like to thank Look Around the Globe for the wonderful interview. Thanks for your wonderful spirit! Keep inspiring people! 

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