Marco Pace - BMW GS Europe Founder

October 16, 2018

Marco Pace - BMW GS Europe Founder

Marco Pace is the Founder of BMW GS Europe group, the most important BMW GS Riders European Community and the first international interest and exchange platform for BMW GS Riders. 


1 - Name / age / Nationality

Marco Pace, 55 years old, Italian


2 - Describe your project in 3 lines.

BMW GS Europe is a Facebook group with today almost 13.000 members coming from all over the world. It is the most important BMW GS Riders European Community and the first international interest and exchange platform for BMW GS Riders, but not exclusively as everyone is welcome. The most important is that it is a worldwide network which can bring to everyone advices, information, assistance and friendships from fellow riders.


3 - How and why did you start the group GS Europe?

It was several years ago. When at the office in the morning I switched on my computer and I checked my Facebook profile before starting to work I could often see very nice pictures of people riding their GS in some beautiful places; it immediately put a big smile on my face and it quickly became a ritual as it always made my day. I thought that it would be a good idea to create a group where we could group these pictures and give every day to everyone the desire to jump on their bikes and ride the world. A free place where everyone could post and share the best pictures of their travels, a platform where to exchange information, give advices, provide assistance, etc. The group started with a few members and is still growing every day.


4 - What's the weirdest thing that happen to you while on an adventure?

During my first trip in Southern Morocco I had mechanical problems with my bike and after a few adventures (too long to detail here) I ended alone in the desert, more precisely in the middle of a chott far away from the official roadbook, with almost no gas, no water, a fractured rib and an engine that I could not start. Temperature was very high and I was dehydrated. I then undressed and laid down protected from the sun by the shade of my motorcycle. I strangely immediately felt asleep (I believe that my body was at that time in a survival mode) and I only woke up when friends found me after probably a couple of hours. We abandoned my bike there, I jumped on the saddle on my friend’s bike and with great difficulties we managed to get out of this place and reach the assistance. Not really a pleasant experience !


5 - And the most amazing one?

I can’t highlight only one but I would say that what is amazing is that you don’t have to travel far away to admire the beauty of our Mother Nature. To stop and contemplate a beautiful landscape is the best cure to your soul that you can get. Another thing which is always amazing to me is to see how people that are really poor, own absolutely nothing and live in remote areas are helpful, friendly and treat you spontaneously as a member of your family. I believe that this is often the privilege that we get because we are travelling with a motorcycle and not with a car. These are blessed moments that warms your heart, stays forever in your memory and gives good reasons to explain why travelling is essential.


6 - Your first motorcycle was...?

A brave (and tortured) Benelli 50 Cross…


7 - Your present motorcycle is...?

A 2012 BMW 1200 GSAdv + a 2016 KTM EXC 500 + a 1987 Yamaha YZ 250.


8 - The most amazing countries to go on an adventure are? 

Difficult to say as I believe that every country on this earth deserves to be discovered. I would roughly say Italy, Iceland, Morocco, Australia, Montenegro but ask me the same question in ten minutes and I may give you a totally different list !


9 - What's your essential kit to take on an adventure?

The essential kit is your open mind spirit with the strong desire to know and understand other cultures, different ways of living or thinking, and always have the child’s eye who marvels at the beauty of the wonderful nature of our planet.


10 - Can you give an advice to all the motorcycle adventurers out there that love adventure on 2 wheels?

Prepare accurately your trip, get information on where to go, which route to take and what to see as you will probably never be back in that place and it could be a pity to miss something exceptional just because you ignore it. Then while travelling let the unexpected come and manage it, take your time and avoid the classical touristic routes, stop and talk with people, avoid any prejudices, be humble, respectful and tolerant. Because travelling is mainly about exchanging with other human beings.


Thank you Marco for your good spirit, time and for always being a true supporter. Congratulations to the entire GS Europe for being a wonderful community. 😉


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