The beauty of teaching others to open their horizons

December 10, 2018

The beauty of teaching others to open their horizons

 At Motorcycle Adventurers we are always trying to find out interesting and inspiring adventure riders. When we find out Verena and Martin in Instagram, two teachers from Austria and proud GS Riders with a dream of travel the world by motorcycle, we knew they would provided a great and insightful interview! 

  • Age/Name:

Verena is 26 and Martin 28 years old. We are from Austria and both teachers. Verena works in elementary school. Martin in the secondary school.


  • Describe your project to the world:

“World spins as fast as we ride” – that’s Verena and Martin, we are two teachers from Austria who travel the world by motorcycles. We want to show people the world from our perspective. Through our social media accounts, we get to know new friends around the world from all cultures and religions. Many magazines have already become aware of us and print our travel reports and photos. We use these possibilities to show people our travels.


  • There are many couples who ride together. What is the most difficult part of travelling as a couple?

We think the most difficult part is to make decisions together and respond to the wishes of the partner. If you don’t do that it can be hard for both. It is important to talk about everything and do not hide the problems. As a result, you grow together as a couple. The everyday life on the bike is easier and you enjoy it twice when you look into the partners eyes and you realize how happy the other is. These are moments you do not want to miss.


  • You travel together, but not on the same motorcycle. Why?

The first experience we had on one bike was a little tour in Austria. After a few km Verena fall asleep. From that point on we did the most of our travels on two motorcycles. To travel on the own motorcycle is a different feeling. It is more fun and more comfortable on long travels. We have great respect for couples who travel long distances together on a motorbike. As long as possible, we want to explore the world on our own motorcycles.


  • Couples who ride together, stay together. That´s a very common phrase. What can you say about it?

Yeah that’s it, because you experience new adventures every day, solve problems and that brings together. You learn to deal better with stress situations and this helps in every day’s life. You grow together and become a real team on the journey. Therefore, probably the saying comes.


  • What´s the weirdest thing that has happened to you while on an adventure?

In Summer 2018 we did our trip to the Nordkap in Norway. But first we did the Trans Euro Trail from Helsinki to the boarder to Norway. It’s a collection of gravel roads through Finland. So we had a day section of 400 km near the Russian boarder. We already did the half of our day trip when we leave the trail for a little shortcut through the woods. This was not a good idea. After the next 50km through hard off-road we stopped and now there was the problem. Verena’s bike needed fuel and we can´t continue because the path wasn´t visible anymore. So we decided to go back more than 50 km to the next fuel station. The whole day costs us more than 500 km. This was our weirdest adventure so far.


  • And the most amazing one?

Reaching the Nordkap in Norway was for us the most amazing. From the beginning of being interested in motorcycle adventures we always wanted to reach the Nordkap by motorcycle. On a Saturday in July a dream come true, we passed the entrance of the visitors centre and were there. We looked at each other and were just happy. We had perfect weather for the next two days and enjoyed the days at the Nordkap. The weather was crazy: 24 hours of sunshine and about 30 °C. It all makes this a very special moment.


  • Your first motorcycle was…?

Verena: My first bike was a Honda NC700S, it’s a beginner bike and I really loved it. It was easy to drive and very comfortable for a naked bike.

Martin: I already get influenced by the “Long Way Round” with Ewan and Charlie and my father who already had a 1100 GS. Everything was clear from that point on. So, I bought my first BMW F800 GS Adventure. Two years later I changed to my first boxer, a BMW R1200 GS Triple black.


  • Your present motorcycle is…?

Verena: After the first longer travels I first tried a BMW GS and I fall in love. The difference between my first bike and the BMW was incredible. So, I got my BMW R1200 GS Rallye.

Martin: Last year I changed to the “big elephant” the BMW R1200 GS Adventure Rallye. It’s awesome, I love it! It looks so big, but it is really easy to handle.


  • Wheelies: yes or no?

Not yet. We first have to learn it.


  • The most amazing countries to go to on an adventure are? (give 5 based on your adventures)

The last years we visited a lot of countries on our travels. Off course we love our home country Austria but there are some really special places we really enjoyed. One of our favourites is Scotland. The green landscape and hard weather made it special for us. Our trip to Morocco, was breath-taking. We had so much new situations and absolutely fell in love with it. Of course, Norway. The Seaside with Fjords and high mountains are amazing. Near to Austria we enjoy every trip to Slovenia. The people are amazing and there you have a lot of gravel roads through the mountains. Portugal should not be forgotten. We really enjoyed the ride through the south of Portugal.


  • How important is adventure riding in your job as teachers? Does it have a positive impact? How?

Yes, in any case. You learn to handle stress situations better. You can always find a solution and approach the matter more calmly. The kids love to hear stories about other countries. They also follow us on Instagram and Facebook in order to be able to participate in our travels from home as well. It is also very interesting for us to travel to countries where the parents of our kids were born or lived. This is how you quickly arouse sympathy in the children.


  • What is the book (or books) you´ve given the most as a gift, and why? Or what are one to three books that have greatly influenced your life?

In the winter time of the year we start planning our travels for the next year. So, we start to read travel reports and round the world adventures. There are some we really like: Ted Simon – Jupiter´s travels, who is the godfather of motorcycle adventures around the world. Do you know Dylan Wickrama – The end of the road, you must take a look on this crazy guy. He builds a boat out of his BMW motorcycle to get from Panama to Colombia. And there is Rolf Lange – Into the Adventure and back, he wrote about the difficult steps in planning a world trip. All these people are a great motivation to us and give us the right inspiration for our next trips.


  • What purchase of $100 or less has most positively impacted your life as a motorcycle adventurer in the last six months (or in recent memory)?

That’s a hard question but we think that’s our teapot from England. No matter where we are, we like to cook tea during a break. It cost us 8 pounds in Scotland and has been our companion since that.


  • What is an unusual habit or an absurd thing that you love to do while riding your motorcycle?

If your communication system is not working or we switch it off, we start singing into our helmets.


  • In the last five years, what new belief, behaviour, or habbit has most improved your life as a motorcycle adventurer?

Before each vacation, we buy a little book where we write our travel diary. We do that since we know each other. Every night before we fall asleep, we carry our stories, adventures and experiences into these books. Meanwhile, we already have many of them and now we can create travel reports. It's interesting to read them years later and remember back day by day.


  • Can you give any advice to all the motorcycle adventurers out there that love adventure on 2 wheels?

Stay authentic on your travels and true to your style and do not pretend others. No matter how far your journey goes or where enjoy every moment of it. As often as possible escapes from everyday life. It will make you grow together and make you strong for the future. No matter what will come you will later have nice memories and tell great stories. You cannot turn back the clock so go out and experience an adventure with someone you love.


Thank you Martin and Verona for being so friendly. At Motorcycle Adventurers, we wish you the very best for your adventures and career. Our doors are always open for you.



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