Tim Burke - Giving up on a Career in Aviation for a Career Lifting the Spirit

January 06, 2019

Tim Burke - Giving up on a Career in Aviation for a Career Lifting the Spirit

If you love to follow adventure riders online, in Instagram or Facebook, you probably have already liked some of his wonderful photographies taken across the world.

He's one of the most inspiring adventure riders on Instagram and his visual aesthetic is simply outstanding. He quit his job. Sold all his stuff and now he's discovering the world on his motorcycle with a camera. He's also an internationally published journalist, photographer and beer-drinking story teller.

His name is name is Tim Burke! 

At Motorcycle Adventurers we have been trying to interview him for a long time...but now, finally, we start 2019 with a brief but wonderful interview. Invest 5 minutes of your time to absorb his knowledge, tips and his beautiful spirit.

Please tell us your Name / age / Location / website 

Tim Burke, 31 - Seattle, WA, USA   
1 – You quit your job, sold your things and…?
Packed my motorcycle to start riding around the world to take photos.
2 – You had that planned or was it something that just happened?
I had always dreamed of doing it. Eventually, I just decided that it's "now or never".
3 – What did you do before jumping into this wild dream of giving up everything and travel the world with your motorcycle and a camera?
I was an Airport Operations Manager at Boeing Field in Seattle, WA.
4 – What about your past life before  travelling the world? How do you deal with that? 
I reduced as much of my belongings down to what I could fit on my motorcycle so there wasn't much to leave behind.
5 – How did your family and friends reacted when you told them? 
They were excited to see me persuing a dream. My family gets a little bit nervous about traveling in some of the developing countries but they are still very supportive.
6 - What was the weirdest thing that happened to you while travelling the world in a motorcyclemotorcycle?
It's not weird...I really enjoy it...but it's always a nice surprise to have people around the world recognize my motorcycle from Facebook or Instagram and say hello to me. It's nice to meet my followers and supporters on the road. It happens pretty frequently!
7 – And the most beautiful? 
So many parts of the world are beautiful, its hard to narrow down just one. If I must, I'd have to choose Torres del Paine in South America.
8 - Can you do a Top 5 of the most amazing places you have visited while riding?  
1. Patagonia - South America
2. Lake Atitlan - Guatamala 
3. Peloponese Peninsula - Greece
4. Lofoton Islands - Norway
5. Isle of Skye - Scotland
9 – Your first motorcycle was?
2003 Kawasaki Z1000
10 - Your present motorcycle model is?
2016 BMW R1200GSA
11 - What's your essential kit to take on an adventure?
My camera!
12 - What was your worst mistake while riding a motorcycle?
Not wearing protective gear in Greece on a small Scooter. I crashed on sand and broke my foot.
13 - What is the most beautiful thing about riding a motorcycle and discovering new countries?
The people! Discovering new cultures, food, and traditions is always my favorite part of entering a new country.
14 - Can you give an advice to all the Motorcycle Adventurers out there that love adventure on 2 wheels?
Go slow. Enjoy the ride. There is no rush!
15 – Looking at your life right now and dreams you still want to fulfill, what does your eyes tell you?
Keep going! 


We would like to thank Tim for his time and inspiring photographies that make us dream with a world of freedom and discovery on two wheels!


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