About Us

Hello! Welcome to Motorcycle Adventurers. So glad you're here (but shouldn't you be riding somewhere?)

My name is Miguel and I'm the Founder of Motorcycle Adventurers.

In november of 2015, I was far from imagining that in 3 years the Facebook Page I started - I love my GS - would reach more than 22.000 people from over 55 countries (!) and would become a truly global community.

More and more frequently I start receiving messages from motorcycle adventurers that weren't GS Riders asking me to share their photos and asking for more information more products and wanting to engage with the project and to be part of a bigger community. That's where I felt that the family needed to grow up to something bigger and wider. And here we are. 

During the last 3 years, and almost 200 five stars reviews later, I'm commited to continue to deliver the same quality products (most of them based on beautiful hand-drawn designs), the same level of trust and even better content. 

I'm honoured to have you here and to be part of this amazing journey and now big(ger) family. 

Don't forget to take a look at our Adventurers Mag section to read amazing interviews with people that lived outstanding experiences travelling around the world on 2 wheels.

Last but on the least, check our section Journeys Worldwide o get some precious information to plan your trips, provided by Motorcycle Adventurers around the world. Don't forget to send us your notes, tips and photos of last journey. I'll be always at miguel@motorcycle-adventurers.com.

We will publish them here and will be a great help to everyone. Sharing is caring.

Thanks for your time and support.






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